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This can also be done verbally. In April of 2009 mall security officers were credited with saving a man's life after he went into cardiac arrest in an Annapolis mall. • Patrol procedures: Many security companies offer armed guards who patrol in vehicles just like the police and sheriff's office do. Perhaps your company has a strict anti-fraternization policy in place. If you need security officers, especially armed officers, look for companies that require comprehensive training. 5659140088 About the Author Proper Training of Security Guards A security guard is a person who looks after our safety and keeps antisocial individuals away from us.  Certain locations require good customer service skills. Perhaps you want your officers to greet each customer with a smile and a 'hello.'  In most cases hiring a security company will also prove as the more cost effective solution. If so, put it in writing. If you own a retail business or keep large amounts of cash on property you've probably considered hiring a Phoenix security guard.

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In many communities vagrants have become accustomed to entering office buildings for various reasons. Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Security Officer Security officers must undergo rigorous training before click here they are assigned. The course should involve a live fire exercise at a firing range. First of all, it's best to write down all he policies and procedures that you want your officers to follow. If it's not in writing, then consider it as not being implemented. In most cases hiring a security company will also prove as the more cost effective solution. The security officers are only a call away and company employees can call them for reasons as unwanted solicitors and intruders, suspicious activity and any type of imminent and perceived danger. They can also be called as witnesses in the event that they are needed to testify in court.