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You need a security company in Atlanta that you can trust. Posted by adman - May 21, 2013 - Articles, Save Money These scenes are all small vignettes that no one would generally notice, but they are all problems alerting thieves to weaknesses, and providing opportunities that do not need to be provided. Furthermore, our security professionals will always be there to answer questions and be a general liaison for the entire duration that the security service is in place. With crime in the forefront of Atlantans' minds the past year, Smith thinks the movement toward a neighbourhood patrol might get some momentum. “Everyone deserves public safety; you pay taxes, you deserve safety.” It's hard to determine just how many Atlanta neighbourhoods have active patrols. He is proudest of helping arrest the man known as the “bulkhead rapist.” GREAT HOURS! More than 85 percent of the critical infrastructure in the United States is protected by security guards, including nearly 9,000 military and government installations, according to the National Association of Security Companies.

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With crime at all-time highs in many parts of the country, your security is too Security Service Atlanta important to place into the hands of just any security company in Georgia. Call Mercer Protection Agency now if you feel that you are in need of security guard services and one of our highly trained licensed, bonded and insured state certified security guards will be there to help you. Deputy Chief Ernest Finley, appointed by Reed last week to head field operations, encourages the practice because it enhances manpower on the streets and helps morale by allowing officers to make extra money. About 90 households kicked in $30 a month to start their own security force. And since were in the technology age, GP tracked security vehicles provide accountability to the client allowing them to justify the time that the security company is on their property. Each day in Atlanta, scores of police officers are cruising various communities in their off-duty hours. This idea causes employees to be more concerned with the replacement of the water cooler than workplace violence, CPR, evacuation plans or fire extinguisher usage procedures. While each client has unique security needs, professionalism is the common thread throughout Paradigm’s personnel and programs.