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Transfer.unds – Easily transfer funds between your accounts or make payments to your SSFCU loans. I think that we had one late payment because I forgot to mail it in our entire history with them! I understand the legality behind the loan selling. It was never ordered. The general architecture of these protocols is defined in recommendation X.200. 10 The different means air, cables and ways protocols and protocol stacks to communicate are called a communication network . If I was to go somewhere, decide on a purchase, and see that upon closing that they financed with SSC, I would leave the purchase despite any way that I would pay. Our security guard personnel exemplify high reliability, integrity, are well-groomed and possess a minimal of high school diploma or equivalent. Had I known that SSFCU could not keep up with the banking needs of the 21st century customers, I would have never banked here!

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An incident occurred in the drive thou with a teller who informed me I was $100.00 short of the $700.00+ cash dollars I sent through the drive thou chute, I then entered the lobby to straighten things out i was told that the Security Service money was placed in a money counter not manually counted, and that this type loss never happens, as the machine is correct and the teller had never had any problems After around 2 hours of sitting in the lobby while cash was counted, car was searched as well as my handbag - my idea -,and the money counter was opened and counted, I was told that this type of incident never happens and that there were no averages. Assists in the development and maintenance of a proactive safety... View Transaction History – Just log in, view your transactions and tap a transaction for more details. All I do know is that I would never recommend SSC to anyone for any type of financing. SSFCU I 10 West @ De Zavala San Antonio – I've been a member for many years, and don't plan to leave, but wanted to share a little information with other members whom may read this... It was never ordered. The added headers or footers are part of the process used to make it possible to get data from a source to a destination. 10 OS Security Services General description edit The following are considered to be the security services which can be provided optionally within the framework of the OS Reference Model. The layer n-1 adds headers or footers, or both, to the SDI, transforming it into a PDP of layer n-1.