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Transfer Funds – Easily transfer funds between your accounts or make payments to your SSFCU loans. Our executive team brings an array of experience in high-level security positions for the homeland security and the defence marketplace. The staff became very rude to him and couldn’t grasp why he did not accept this. Our request that Security Service contacts the individual and inform him that his wallet had been turned in was not granted. A week after my grandmother’s passing, a lorry showed up at my parent’s house and impounded the vehicle. Total security coverage requires a full range of specialized security protection services. She had poor customer service skills and it was evident she felt she had better things to do. “Interest” referenced in the context of this Security Patrol Officers page refers to “dividends.” † APO = Annual Percentage Yield. This was my first experience banking with them, and it will be my last. Best decision I have made banking – I was so sad to see the reviews of SSFCU on this sight.

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Our.ayment record with them was great – they even gave us the option of skipping payments for a couple of Christmas’s. SSFCU I 10 West @ De Zavala San Antonio – I've been a member for many years, and don't plan to leave, but wanted to share a little information with other members whom may read this... Employees are great listeners, they are intelligent and a pleasure to see when i walk into my local branch. Citiguard believes in a personal approach to working with you and assessing and managing your daily security needs. An incident occurred in the drive thou with a teller who informed me I was $100.00 short of the $700.00+ cash dollars I sent through the drive thou chute, I then entered the lobby to straighten things out i was told that the money was placed in a money counter not manually counted, and that this type loss never happens, as the machine is correct and the teller had never had any problems After around 2 hours of sitting in the lobby while cash was counted, car was searched as well as my handbag - my idea -,and the money counter was opened and counted, I was told that this type of incident never happens and that there were no averages. This Recommendation extends the field of application of Recommendation X.200, to cover secure communications between open systems . Our security guard personnel exemplify high reliability, integrity, are well-groomed and possess a minimal of high school diploma or equivalent. Total security coverage requires a full range of specialized security protection services. Once an alert is received, a trained ADC professional notifies you immediately. Sponsored by Midwest - Universal Protection Service - 20 days ago Merchants' Security Services - Dayton, OH Merchants Security Service is a contract security company that supplies security officer and patrol service in south-west and Central Ohio....