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Myron bolster, public safety chairman of the East Atlanta neighbourhood association, said maybe 250 homes — 10 percent of the neighbourhood — pay the $200 a year fee. To keep this extra job going, they have to communicate with residents.” In the security business, it’s a proven fact: security patrols are highly effective in deterring crime and vandalism. Inc. demonstrates and reflects a positive image on our company in our clients our service is always tailored to the needs of the clients with no additional or hidden charges. 3783 Presidential Parkway, Security Service Suite 142-D. You’ve worked hard to build your assets; don’t let someone take them away from you without a fight. They hire us to help ... And while all residents benefit from the patrols, the association tries to give paying members some added value, instructing officers to spend more time on blocks where memberships are heavier. “But we got hit pretty good with burglaries in December,” she said.

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”There's a comfort you can leave home and an officer will check your property. Some companies provide real time reporting, which allows the officer to write his reports on a computer which is inside the vehicle while he is on the property. They're getting their hands dirty with research and getting to know who the criminals in the area are and their patterns.” You pay this insurance premium as long as you have a registered car on the road. And while community association leaders can only urge neighbours to pay for the officers, Miller said “you can't discriminate” on which residents get service. Our highly regarded training programs are used by private security firms and law enforcement departments throughout the south-east. One or two nights a week. But it's the only way to stop the free loading.”